Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welland Race Weekend

Hey Folks,

This is the weekend many of us have been training so hard for. It is going to be a busy Saturday (Sprints) and Sunday (Half Iron) in Welland so I hope we can help you prepare for the rush of the race.

There are many things you can do in advance of the trip down to the event to set yourself up for success. Here is a list of duties you can check off to help ease the nerves before the race.

-prepare your driving directions early in the week and slip them into vehicle right away.

-study the course set up and maps from the Multisport Canada website ( http://www.msctriathlon.com/ms/events/showEvent.cfm?showEventID=137 ). Individual details and maps are in the links under the "Race Information" section of the page.

-buy all your nutritional products during the week and place them into your tri bag or cooler.

-try to have your tri bag completely packed at least the day before driving to the hotel or race so you are not rushing around before hopping into the car.

-print out a check list of all the items you need for your race and make sure they all get packed as early as possible.

-more is better, especially when the forecast is calling for light rain and cooler conditions (as of Monday).

-make sure you pack your sun screen, shades and hats as you never know how the day may turn out.

-get your race kit cleaned up and packed.

-try to use back up items for the next few workouts and save your race gear for the weekend so it is nice and dry before packing (cycling shoes, running shoes, helmet, wetsuit, etc.).

-check over your bike to make sure everything is clean, secure, rolling smoothly and ready to race.

-make any bike changes (new tubes, tires, tape, cassettes, bottle cages, etc.) early in the week so you have a couple rides before the race.

-don't forget to pack a few towels, dry warm clothes and footwear for after the race and the drive home.

-leave your post race clothes near the fence in transition so you can get a change in before they open it up for the finishers.

-get to the race site with plenty of time to register, set up transition and warm up. Being late creates more nervous energy than needed. Avoid it by being prepared!

*Note - if you are staying in a hotel/motel before the race, do not leave anything in the vehicle as these are easy pickings for thieves. Place everything in your room and make sure to do a triple check before leaving in the morning.

Also, I know a few of our team members are heading to Quebec for the Mont Tremblant 70.3.
Good Luck Team HiPerformance!

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